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I made this post to let people know about Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils that help you create wood inlays with your router that really add something special to your woodworking projects.

I currently work with my Dad who is a much more seasoned woodworker than I am,
designing wood inlay templates for woodworkers from beginner to pro.

He had already started creating an entire set of letters and numbers because he wanted to inlay my sons name into a bookshelf and simply couldn't find a good set of templates when he asked me to join him.
Here's the results of the numbers and letters using the templates...

Heres the templates...called Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils(MLIS)that are used to make the inlays.

As you can see...
The underlying idea is that you need multiple layers in the templates to achieve sharper corners and to have a more intricate design. We soon found that there is a lot you can do with multiple layers...

The clear plates with the design engraved on them definitely allows you to visualize the finished inlay better, and lasts much longer than an MDF template.
We also discovered that there are certain things you should do to make sure you finish with a tight inlay with virtually no gaps to fill. We found the ideal double sided tape to hold the templates in place as well as the ideal inlay kits. We made positioning plates to make placement and replacement of plates quick and simple...
We have many more designs we are planning to release in January but would love to get feedback and suggestions from router woodworkers who are looking for templates that help them inlay what they want.

Please leave feedback here and submit ideas to the contact us page to help us make the Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils you want and will enjoy making.

visit to see more and what's new.
Thank You,
Larry Tarter Jr.

P.S. Our designs seem complex to the naked eye even though they are easy enough for me(someone who never used a router in woodworking before) to create the lion that you will find in the art section as my first inlay! So... we made a video and put it in the how to section to make it simple to understand.
I would post links but I'm new to router
Totally love the positioning plates, It makes alignment so much easier. Finished your Bonsai Tree inlay on a gift charcuterie board. it turned out perfect. So looking forward to new ideas for multi-layered inlays
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