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Good Question. The multiple layers give you the ability to create the complex design. You actually only use the router with one template stacked at a time. Each plate is about .22" thick so you can use any router inlay kit that has a bushing depth of less than that. For example: You would place the first plate into place, and rout out the pocket and press in the inlay. Then move to the next template plate in the set and do the same thing. Continue until you have walked through the creation of the design.

Check out an in depth video of the process here: How to create a wood inlay using a Multiple Layer Inlay Stencil (M.L.I.S.) or Router Inlay Template
Thank you for your response, but I think you will see from the lack of all other responses that this is a 'help your mate' type of site , rather than a means of getting links to your commercial site. This was obviously your first intent, as the moderators will maybe have picked up, as you objected in your first posts as to not being able to post url links before 10 posts.
I wish you success in your endevours and thank you for you input so far.
But leave out the links to your own sales site.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts