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Wood scorching during cut?!!!

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Holy Moly boys!.....whats going on here. Started work on my new porch coat/hat rack and first thing happens wood scorches. I'm cutting nice clear pine. The ANGLE cut is the worst....using a miter cut on table saw. I made a couple staight cuts and same thing! Dirty blade I cleaned it. Blade is not old. Blade lines up perfectly square to throat etc. What? :eek:
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Hi Birch

Pine can be a pain sometimes :) (pine pitch will put burn marks on the stock)
If the blade is new and SHARP it should cut clean, but you can try a trick I use on pine sometimes ,take some 100 grit sand paper and 3M it to the saw blade on both sides.
Trim the sand paper to just under the saw slots on the blade.
Note***you will need to remove the blade 1st. then put the sand paper on it,keep it true and round.

It will cut it and sand it at the same time. :)

Bj :)
That's a neat trick Bj, but doesn't it throw the blade out of balance?
Hi George

Nope,,, :) you can buy them premade (and I have paid for some of them 6 1/2",8",and the 10" blades, but I make my own.
They come like sanding disks (sticky paper on one side with the 5/8" hole in the center) then you just pull off paper and stick them on the blade.
But they are 60 and 80 grit unlike the ones I make.

Bj :)

curiousgeorge said:
That's a neat trick Bj, but doesn't it throw the blade out of balance?
With good clear white pine you shouldn't get that much burning. I have never had burning during miter cuts on pine. Are you using more than 3/4 stock, is it a carbide blade with the proper tooth count, at least 36 -40 teeth? Saw underpowered? Just don't sound right to me with good clear white pine. If it is southern pine then that stuff is good and hard and full of pitch and resin.

Well you guys, I still haven't figured it out, but I sure DO like the idea of the sandpaper! The blade in the saw is a fine cut blade and I amost wonder it THAT isn't the problem.....too long to make the cut. Worst scorching was when cutting a 45. I was able to sand it off thank goodness, something I didn't think I would get away with. I don't THINK it was underpower on the saw, a nice JET. And I had used it a day or so earlier to zip right through some 2" white oak. Well....I will keep mulling it over. For now, I was able to make the cuts I needed and move on, buy sanding the scorch off. Thanks all.
Birch, it sounds like your saw is very capable. My guess is that a faster cutting blade such as a 40-50 tooth vs a 80-100 tooth fine cut blade would solve the problem with the right feed pressure. If you only get it on 45's etc. and not when ripping or cross cutting... I wouldn't worry about it bud!

Okay fellas, I think I figured out why the scorching-it had to be the fine tooth blade. Blade was clean, running absolutely true, and the saw is a nice JET that I routinely cut hard stuff with. So, another lesson learned. And I DID learn that I should remember to CLEAN my saw blade every now and then too!!
Glad you got it figured out!

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