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Wood Working Shows

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Has anyone had any luck finding woodworking TV shows on any channels, with exception of "New yankee Workshop?" I'm in New Jersey and get 3 PBS channels but, I'm only able to find New Yankee on channel 39 and 8, 11:30 am Saturday and 6PM Sunday and that's about all.
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On cable, if you get the DIY network, there are a handful of good woodworking shows. They have Wood works, DIY woodworking, and woodturning. Unfortunately, I don't get these channels at home, only at work.

I have also picked up a subscription to "woodworking at home" video magazine. You get 7 DVD magazines a year, and they have about 2 hours of programming on them. Check out for more info.
I'm in North NJ. Service Electric cable. There are only two shows on DIY that I have found. Woodworks & Wood Turning Techniques. Other then New Yankee Workshop I haven't found any others
Get Directv.......... They have all that is on cable, plus The Router show with Bob and Rick on PBSU
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