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Hi folks,

For those that may be interested, I've designed a sofa table that I will start building this week and will post some pictures as the project progresses. I'v just stated selecting the wood from my existing supply and the first step will be to layout and make the legs. Here is a pic of my design. I welcome your comments and questions.


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Looks good ,waiting to see your progress!
look forward to seeing your completed project
Looks interesting. I'm also waiting to see the finished product.
Looks good. I’ll be looking for the pictures.
Nice design. Looks a bit European, French. I like the fluting on the legs.
Very nice looking. Don't forget the pictures.
Nice design. Look forward to step by step photos of the project.
I finally got all of the pieces and part rough cut and now ready to start finish cuts and start assembling the table frame. I'll have some pics to show as soon as I can figure out how to attach them for posting.
Sofa Table

Well I've finally rough cut all of the parts and pieces for this table and now I'm ready to finish cut and start assemble this project. Here are a couple of pics.


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Appreciate the step by step. Look forward to the next ones.
I had never even heard of a sofa table, had to look it up. :crying:
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