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Wooden baskets and boxes

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I am been making wooden baskets, boxes, and funeral urns - around 5-each week. It takes about 45 minutes to cut one out, but applying the finishing takes a week. I generally have 8 or 10 going at all times. I make 240 last year.

Just about all of the boxes and baskets go to Down Syndrome Society, kids with cancer or severe birth defects, or mothers that have lost her baby. For baskets that I send to kids I generally put a stuffed animal in it. I ship all of these all over the country. I have also made several infant funeral urns as well as urns for adults. Lately I have had a lot of request for double funeral urns for husband and wife.

I have noticed there are a lot of little girls in this country between 4 and 10 years old with leukemia. I also ship them a basket with a stuffed animal in it. I think they love the animal more than the basket.

I recently got some striped cherry and some spalted sycamore. That is what I have in these pictures.

The last two pictures of the striped cherry are funeral urns for adults.


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What a great way to put your pastime to use.
Thank you...
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