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Wooden baskets and boxes

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I am been making wooden baskets, boxes, and funeral urns - around 5-each week. It takes about 45 minutes to cut one out, but applying the finishing takes a week. I generally have 8 or 10 going at all times. I make 240 last year.

Just about all of the boxes and baskets go to Down Syndrome Society, kids with cancer or severe birth defects, or mothers that have lost her baby. For baskets that I send to kids I generally put a stuffed animal in it. I ship all of these all over the country. I have also made several infant funeral urns as well as urns for adults. Lately I have had a lot of request for double funeral urns for husband and wife.

I have noticed there are a lot of little girls in this country between 4 and 10 years old with leukemia. I also ship them a basket with a stuffed animal in it. I think they love the animal more than the basket.

I recently got some striped cherry and some spalted sycamore. That is what I have in these pictures.

The last two pictures of the striped cherry are funeral urns for adults.


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Wow, those are downright elegant. It must feel good to know those kids are getting something nice while in treatment. Those treatments are no fun at all, and a stuffed toy to hold on to has to be comforting, and I bet the baskets become more valuable to them as they finally get to go home. Feels good to contribute.
It's been a long time since, but I used to make nontheatrical films, one of which was a fundriser film for a Christian home for kids and adults with severe downs and other developmental issues. I thought it would be hard to be around them, but it turned out to be one of the happiest things I've ever done. Those kids were all about love and affection, and they were incredibly curious about my cameras and lights.
kywoodchopper, Terrific!!! I'd like to do some myself. Can you point me to some plans or instructions, or anything to get me going?
You might start with the book, "52 Boxes in 52 Weeks," in paperback on Amazon for $21. Very good ideas and a wide variety or projects. You can leaf through it on Amazon.,aps,633&sr=8-1
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I may write out a few instructions on how I make boxes and baskets enough to get someone started.
Good idea. You really have that mastered!
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