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wooden edge explosion

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Help! theyre multiplying....


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The one on the left reminds me of the Sykes Fairbairn fighting knife used by WWII SOE and OSS forces. You're gonna have to build another display rack if you keep making these. They look great.
Oliver, yes. I'm not trying very hard with these. They are just fun to make in between (slightly) more serious stuff.

I have a very small amount of that rippled ash left and just felt the wood was perfect for knife handles. far better than the leather washers of the original version dont you think?
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And multiplying in a grand way, Bob. Good job! I like the rack, as well.

Bob do you have deer in Cyprus? If so kill them with the sword and skin them with a knife. LOL They do look very nice.
How about a wooden Swiss Army Knife. Maybe oversized. More intricate, but doable. What do ya think.
Don, only large animal here is a Mouflon konstantinou - Cyprus Wildlife tours

Apart from me not being brave enough to get that close, they are the national animal and heavily protected by law. plus i've never seen one in 10 years. maybe I could start small with a gerbil?

Tom... wooden swiss army knife....... no.
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The reason they are multiplying is that you're storing them too close together.
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