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I thought it appropriate to post this very positive and unexpected response from Woodpeckers after I had an incident with one of their jigs. I had posted in a previous post about an incident where I was using a dog hole jig and my router and the issue of using the plunge router. I had both hands on the router as it was running as should be but the plunge base had not fully raised back up and I was unaware. This caused the 1st mishap where the template and workbench top got mangled a bit.

Determined to be more careful several holes later and I hit the very edge of the metal adjustable leg support and that jerked it to a screw holding it attached. So now I have this running router and it's bouncing all over the place without my ability to take a hand loose and hit the switch. Hence my post on using a deadman's switch which I should have been using and this whole incident could have been over far faster. Far faster being in reality just a few seconds sooner but far safer.

As I determined the damage to be the template itself which is made of 3/8" thick solid phenolic, the 3/4" custom bushing, and the cutter itself I set about trying to locate the bushing which proved to be impossible. Keep in mind this is a bushing to make 3/4" holes and not a 3/4" bushing which would be the outside diameter of the bushing. After exhausting Google in search of I sucked it up and called Woodpeckers explaining why I needed the bushing. It was inquired as to what had happened and I explained the same as above. To my surprise I was told they would be sending me a replacement template and bushing under warranty but it may be a short wait as they were awaiting material to make the bushing (brass).

While I agree their products are expensive and I do own a few, they are high quality, precisely made and finished, and the service and warranty are something far different then I have experienced at some other companies. There is indeed value in that as well not to forget they are also made in the good old USA which is almost rare these days.
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