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Woodpeckers Unilift

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I need to replace the starter pin for my Woodpeckers Unilift router elevator as this has disappeared!
Does anybody know if I can purchase a new one and from where, or do you guys know the dimensions and more importantly the thread size so I can have one made?
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You can make one for almost nothing by finding a 3" bolt with the same thread as the hole in your plate and then installing it with the head cut off. Guess at what size you think the thread size is and buy it and a couple smaller and bigger until you have the right size,
Once you find the correct thread size, you can add a standoff to have a nice smooth surface. You could bring your plate in and try a few sizes. Lowes has a pretty good selection of odd parts, nuts and bolts in Imperial and metric sizes, or order online.

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G'day @smackirky Welcome to the forum.

I would guess that it would be a standard thread size bolt.
If your starter pin is like mine, then a shoulder screw would work. I've not seen these at big box stores but most hardware stores will have a wide selection
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What did Woodpecker Customer Service say about a replacement?
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