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With a used machine you have to assume that it hasn't been well taken care of. Tighten every screw, bolt, nut. Look for wear and damage. Unplug every electrical connector, look for corrosion/damage, clean and reinstall. That may not be the cause of the problem but you need to do it anyway.

Now, test the machine by running an air cut - tell it Z zero is well above the spoilboard, make a note of where Z zero is and run your GCode program. If it it finishes with Z zero in the same place, then run a real cut test. If that fails then there are several possibilities:
  • Z acceleration is too high, losing steps.
  • Z feed rate is too high, losing steps
  • stepper current is too low, losing steps
  • Chuck/collet is not tight enough or damaged and bit is slipping. Bit too small?
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