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woodworkers journal project

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i recently purchased the woodworkers journal latest issue. in the center of the magazine there is a small "supposed to be easy" project. I have started it and am on the way to glueing it together. the only problem that i have is that im not sure on how to clamp the strips of wood and the bin walls down. they are in the center of the whole project and i have nothing that can apply pressure evenly all the way across. i was wondering if there was someone out there that might have built this item or even might have advice on how i can glue this together. attached to this is the picture of the project i am doing. i have marked the areas of concern with aarows on the left side of the picture. these items are only 1" wide by 23-3/4" long. if you need any more details than that then please ask and hopefully you can assist me in finishing this

thank you!!!!!


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Funny you should be asking about this. The December 2004 issue has a section on special clamping needs and solutions. Do you attach the strips before the other parts? If so, apply an nice coating of Glue(Titebond III is the strongest of the family and sets the quickest), then tack the strips in place with some brads. Instead of clamps try setting some 2x4's across the strips and placing books or other heavy objects on them. This will hold the strips tight enough for the glue to do it's job, it only needs enough pressure to hold the pieces together. Then glue your bin sides and tack them in place. This time use something like a piece of plywood on top of your bin sides and place weight on it. As an alternative you could also just run 2 screws into each bin side from the back, counter sinking them so they are flush. This would be stronger but I think it is probably overkill.
I intend to build the same thing I'm just going to use screws counter sunk in the back maybe four screws in each strip and maybe even run a daddo to make a stronger joint.
thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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