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Woodworkers Suppliers

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In another thread, REIBLE said that he'd bought clamps from Garrett Wade - "Who?" I said to myself, so I did a search on the name. Whoops, a good looking catalog with competitive pricing (I think), but I'd never heard of them. It has since come to my mind that there may be a number of good places to buy tools, accessories, and possibly most important, quality and unique hardware items. Recently, I looked hither thither and yon for a special piece of hardware for several weeks and finally gave up and changed my design. I'm relatively new to woodworking and use only a few suppliers, but some of you may be unintentionally harboring secret suppliers. I'd like to start a list of places we can buy from over the internet or from catalogs. I'll start by listing the well-known ones I've been using or at least know about. Hopefully some of you will add to the following list:
OK OK OK - I'll admit it - Harbor Freight - :eek: :eek:
Woodworkers Supply -
Woodcraft -
Hartville Tool -
Eagle America -
Rockler -
and now - Garrett Wade - :)
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I haven't updated it lately but check out:

Thanks James for the info I got some new catologs coming. I can't think of any sites but they have a lot of tools that I've bought and believe they are top quaility.
reible said:
I haven't updated it lately but check out:

Whoooeee - I use a dial-up connection, daughter and her fella are coming for dinner, and I type with one finger. I've saved a bunch of already and my hand is cramping. Thanks, folks :D

Only other one I can think of right now is
Take a look at:

This is as up to date as I could make it.

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