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Woodworking Book

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If you could have only one book on woodworking, which book would it be?


Bob N
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Sorry Bob, you can't have just one.
Oaky.... which ones and how many then?
Here's a pretty good one!

The Complete Book of Woodworking

Sold in Barnes and Noble or online.

Boricua :)
Bob, I like all books on routing, and anything on jigs and fixtures (regardless of what type of machinery [table saw, bandsaw, drill press, router, etc])
I guess my favorite would be "Router Projects and Jigs" by Bob and Rick Rosendahl. :D Hey Mark, do I get POINTS for saying that? :D :D LOL
Table Saw Techniqes by Roger W. Cliffe. i have more but i dont have the information with me now, but i will be back with the information for you.
All woodworking books with lots of color pictures and short captions.
Woodworking with the Router by Hylton and Matlack, and The Router by Bob Rosendahl, are my favorites. Woodnut65
I found the New Router Handbook by the late Patrick Speilman very informative and inspiring during my early routing days. I was given the routing bug by Bob and Rick after seeing a couple of episodes, but then moved to an area that they weren't available. The router handbook shows you the simplicity and potential of router work.
Thanks so much folks......

Looks like Dr. Zook is right!

I can't have just one.... I need to get all of them you have mentioned.

Bob N
Bob here are the other books.
Understanding Wood Finishing - by Bob Flexner

WoodWorking With The Router - by Bill Hylton & Frred Matlack

Masterring Wood Working Machines - by Mark Duginske

Router Joinery Workshop - by Carol Reed

YOU are da man....

Thanks so much!
Woodworking Books

Bob N said:
If you could have only one book on woodworking, which book would it be?


Bob N
Bob N, I have found two nice books at my public library.
501 Best Shop Tips For Woodworkers = Robert Settich
complete book of tips, tricks & techniques = Popular Woodworking
Both books hit on most equipment used in a woodshop. Table saws, planers, jointers, jigsaws, bandsaws, and ROUTERS. Some safety tips too. Nice reading for a beginner like me. :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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