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Woodworking show Dulles Expo Center

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Well I went to my first woodworking show today. I really did not know what to expect. I was hoping for the best since I had driven 3 hours. The show opened at 12:00 and I got there about 12:30. The first clue that this was going to be a good one was when I discovered all paved parking spots were already filled. I parked on the grass, went inside $1 off coupon in hand and bot my ticket for $9. There were tons of exhibitors demonstrating all manner of power tools and hand clamps. There were at least 3 router demonstrations on dovetail joinery and 2 more on making raised panel doors. There were a good half dozen sit down shows.

Lots of companies selling name brand router bits and one New York company selling fell of the back of a truck brand bits.

Now most of these demos required power. I state this seemingly obvious fact because about 1:30 the power went out. It did not come on until about 3:15. It was kind of funny watching all the demonstrators telling how their product would work if they had power.

Anyway I stayed until 6:00 and spent way more money than was budgeted and I could have spent a lot more.

Bottom line these shows are to be recommended. A few threads down is a list of shows put on by the promoter of this show.
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It sure was quiet there for a while when the power was out... but in a way it was nice. The guy doing a demo on table saw tune up didn't have to shout over the other vendors. Of course when the power came back on, some of the demonstrations were awesome, especially the Legacy ornamental wood mill. Wow.

They even had an art class available to occupy my wife... but since she had the cash she restricted my spending (probably for the best)

It is amazing what you can learn just by watching some of the demonstrators!
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