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work clamping

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as we get closer to our fist cnc (turnkey) purchase, I have been considering the needs for clamping the work down. we will be small run production and one offs. vacuum seems overkill, but definitely see time advantages.

what do most of you use? any clever tips? thanks in advance.
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psuedo - home

my previous career dealt a lot with mechanical positioning, and we always had an X - Y home at the upper left corner. in your posts I have been noticing that maybe a "job" home position may be assigned, e.g. where the work is clamped. maybe called a job offset in relation to the x-y position of the clamped work piece?

is this typically a corner of the work piece? center?

and then obviously the tool paths need to miss all of the clamps to get there? do you retract full y or just enough to clear?

sorry I have lots of questions...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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