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work clamping

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as we get closer to our fist cnc (turnkey) purchase, I have been considering the needs for clamping the work down. we will be small run production and one offs. vacuum seems overkill, but definitely see time advantages.

what do most of you use? any clever tips? thanks in advance.
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Here's my solution for clamping standard sized blanks for easily making multiple copies of a project. It uses positioning brackets and cam clamps that attach to the spoil board. Still waiting on delivery of some baltic birch ply for the clamps so all I have is this V Carve layout representation at the moment.
Dang Oliver, those positioning brackets look almost identical to what I am using...and they work well.

Saying that, I used a 60 deg v groove bit and created a file for the CNC to cut a very shallow groove 2 inches in from the outside of the spoil board and at 90 degs also - 18 inches both ways. Then I attached the brackets accordingly.


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Would you mind telling me what brand and size your C N C is? We have a small unit now and thinking of upgrading to a larger machine. Any help or thoughts along this line would be appreciate.


Frank, I think it is the Probotix Nebula.
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