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Good morning everyone, I am wondering if there is a way to find out if anyone in my area of New York state has a CNC that is capable of engraving a team name in baseball bats?
I volunteer time with a local teenage travel baseball team, and we just purchased 2 fungo bats that we would like to have engraved with the team name and maybe logo. I am located in Dutchess County, NY 12601 and would like to locate someone with a 4 axis (I think o_O) CNC, who could give us a price for this service. Unfortunately, this is completely out of pay grade, since I have a hard time remembering how to turn on the radio in the shop.

Short of putting some kind of notice in the local paper, is there a way we can reach out to find someone who would be interested in this project ???

Wishing everyone a Blessed EASTER. Thanks for the help.

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