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Are you certain that this is the part you need? I ask this because most people are looking for replacement collets and this spacer is never likely needing to be replaced. From looking at the website for the 7616 type 2 router, they offer a replacement collet that is actually a Porter Cable part (according to the photo), but it apparently fits the 7616. Not a real surprise to me, because I bought a 1/4" Porter Cable collet like the one in the photo to use with my Delta 1/2" Router/shaper table, and it was a perfect fit. So it seems that not all manufacturers design special parts for their tools and use some common parts when they can.

I have a B&D 7616 type 1 router. It was my first router and it still runs like new. It's a great little router, and I can see why you are looking for parts for the one that you have, so I can get it out and try the Porter Cable collet on it, if you want me to.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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