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X axis

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Hi guys I have a problem with my x axis is only one side is turning I have swapped out the motor with one I know is working and it's still the same would the pins and ports setting have anything to do with it I'm using mach 3 thanks
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What brand of CNC are you using? The driver in the controller may have failed. A cable may have shorted out. If your machine uses limit switches on may have shorted out. Hard to know without knowing what kind of CNC you have.
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Move the cable to one of the Y motors and see if it works there. If your machine has two Y motors then disconnect the other one while you do the test.

It's a compass 1000 with profi4 controller thanks
I'll try that tomorrow thanks
Sounds like your CNC is setup with your X axis running through the bed, gantry running on the X axis. From what I could see on their site you are probably running Mach 3 for your control software. You might contact them and see if they will provide configuration files for your CNC.

If you can't get files from them then here is the link to a video that explains how to slave the motors so they run together.
Is the cable connecting the controller to the PC ok? You can check it with a continuity meter to assure all 25 pins are through
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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