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Hi people

I am in the process of finishing up the machining all the parts for my cnc router. Basics of mine are as follows:

Frame: 8020-3060 extrusions (3"x6")
20mm Linear Rails
X Axis 1605 1200mm Ball Screws, one screw on each side
Y Axis 1605 1000mm Ball Screw
Z Axis 1605 300mm Ball Screw

Nema 23 Steppers
Z axis is a nema 23 with a 10:1 reduction

2.2 kW Chinese liquid cooled 3-phase spindle

Warp 9 Ethernet SmoothStepper Control and BreakoutBoard

Questions I have:

1. Has anyone gotten a Mach 4 post processor for Solidworks Camworks yet? I have the full 3 axis pro version in Solidworks for my Haas and would like to stay with it. If not is the Mach 3 Post any good?

2 Where did you put your home switch?

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Hello and welcome to the router forum

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum! Add your first name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel and so we'll know what to call you.

1) I didn't realize there was a difference in generating code for Mach3/4, but then, I picked a PP from the choices in Fusion 360 and send to Mach4 and that's all I have done. Limited experience outside this...

2) Which home switch?


We do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready. What sort of woodworking are you planning or doing?

Here are some photo posting tips if you’re using your phone or iPad – the best way for proper orientation is to shoot landscape (widescreen). Rotate your phone or iPad CCW for proper orientation. If you want your photos to be portrait then open the photo in a viewer on your computer, rotate it to the orientation you want, then save it in that orientation. It will be correct when you upload it to the servers here. If you’re shooting video please shoot widescreen like our monitors, not portrait.

The best way to post photos in line with your text is to use Go Advanced below the Quick Reply window. If you’re starting a new thread then you’re automatically in the Advanced editor. Click on the Paper Clip on the ribbon bar and that will bring up a dialogue box where you can browse to your photos. Upload them and then put your cursor where you want a photo, hit the dropdown beside the Paper Clip, and choose the photo you want inserted. If you have several photos and just want them at the end of your text then put your cursor at the end and hit the Insert All on the dropdown list of photos.

Always post a photo rather than a link; most folks won't click on a link.


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Welcome to the Router Forums. It sounds like an interesting build.

As far as the post processor is concerned you might contact Camworks and see if they have one or could make one that will work.

As far as homing switches I would add homing to all the Axises and you could use them to also square your dual X axis.
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