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Ziegler WoodWork & Specialty

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Good afternoon all,

My name is Timothy J. Ziegler. I am the owner & operator of Ziegler WoodWork & Specialty.
I have worked with wood my whole life and worked full time along with woodworking for 27 years at none other then "Wood Craft Industries INC" working with wood running moulders etc... 20 of those years I had the opportunity to be a "Tooling Technician. sharpening all types of tooling from Router bits, moulder heads, Gang rip blades, chop saw blades, carbide inserts etc...
Along the way I continued to advance my wood working skills and arsenal of tools, and creating products for other's. My passion for tools and business lead me to own at least 14 different size and styles of routers, along with 2 cabinets saws, a panel saw, 25 in planer, a 50 double drum sander, a 18 in. band saw, over head router for dadoing, an edge jointer, many misc. drills and drivers. Lots of clamps of course and many many more items to numerous to mention.
What lead me to your site however was a recent purchase of a model 1200 legacy ornamental mill.
So through searching for a indexable rotary table for my legacy I found your site. and I am excited to get to know some of you.
I look forward to some introductions and a little about your selves as well.

Kind regards,

Tim of ZWW&S
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Welcome to the Router Forums, with your experience you will fit in nicely with all the questions that need answering on how to accomplish wood working tasks.
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Glad you've decided to join the fun. Lots of good friends here, and your experience will allow you to answer a lot of questons, especially from newbies. Something very satisfying about helping others improve their skills at this addiction---er, hobby.
Welcome to the forum, Tim! When you get a minute complete your profile with first name to clear the N/a in the side panel. If you have a website you can add a link in your signature line.

We'd love to see what sort of woodworking and projects you do, what your shop looks like, photos of your tools, etc.

Welcome to the forum Tim.
Welcome to the forum Tim :)
Hi Tim and welcome. We look forward to your contributions.
Welcome to the forum Tim. Sounds like your experience has been profound and lengthy. Hopefully you can find what you are looking for here but you will certainly enjoy the group I hope. We're a friendly group with a wide assortment of interests and backgrounds. Again welcome aboard.
Welcome to the Router Forums Tim.

I checked out your work and saw some really nice projects. I hope to see some posts from you in the future.
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Hi Tim.
Welcome to the forum. Nice self introduction for a long life woodworker.
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