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Default Latest Woodpecker offering

$220 Speed Square!!??!! What?

Got an offer for a new Woodpecker item, a "Precision" oversized speed square in 18 inch and 12 inch sizes. The smaller one is only $150. That includes a wooden case, and for $330, you can get both. Order in metric or imperial.

I'm always amazed at what they come up with, and the prices they set. I'd like to have a precision speed square, but I don't think I could ever justify something like that. However, I can see that it would dramatically increase the precision of a track saw's cuts if you're making cabinets, and for that, the 18 inch model would be very good. If you don't have a table saw and use a track saw instead, well, that changes the equation a bit.

It does have a removable "hook" that is indexed so you get the same precision when you reattach it. That means the smaller one could be useful for frame making and other mitered projects. Placed on the inside corner it would help square your glue-up. $150 for the 12 inch without a case, I'd make my own case. Delivery expected in June.

I'm not going to pony up for this thing, instead, I'll keep using the thick Rockler clear plastic draftsman's triangle. Anyone got a comment?
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I think Woodpecker makes some great tools, but I also think in some circles it's de rigueur to have them on the walls (and never touched) as a status symbol.

That being said, I too would like to have some of their products, but am unable to justify their cost for now.

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I covet Woodpecker tools. But, I covet more a stack of Benjamins.

Gene Howe
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For a track saw I use one of these

For the price of the the double kit you could buy a table saw.
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Not even on my 'I want one of those' list.
Doesn't Lee Valley have a small clamp on device for the framing square?
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Yes, yes they do!
Still not inexpensive...
Veritas® Square Fence - Lee Valley Tools
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Originally Posted by DaninVan View Post
Yes, yes they do!
Still not inexpensive...
Veritas® Square Fence - Lee Valley Tools
...just as easy to use stair gauges...cheaper too...
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If you want one that says precision, check Amazon, they list loads of them, and for loads less money.

I've got a nice yellow plastic one, cost around $2 as I recall. Very accurate, but only about 6 inches. No problem, if I need a longer line, just use a ruler or yardstick and mark it. I think they have them in orange also.

Honestly, if I had that much money I could blow, I'd start shopping for a new saw.
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Woodpecker is a bit above my pay scale - they make nice tools but I'm not sure how they justify their prices - as someone said, they might be great for folks that want to say "I have a Woodpecker"
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Woodpecker, Incra and Festool are in a league of their own IMHO.
Woodpecker spends extra bread on dressing up their products to be the standard in looks as well. That adds some more cost.

High Quality and high precision tools that last and are dependable cost money. Lots of money.
In part because of the material and made in USA/Germany, which basically doubles or triples the labor component. Small qty manufacturing costs money on top of all that.

I went to the Woodpecker factory to buy my router table. The quality of the shop, the professionalism of the staff and the experience was 1st rate. I asked Incra for some help with the old Positioner and Pro Mike I bought used- same kind of top shelf service and information.
That costs money too and shows they are a profitable and properly focused specialty company.

For sure some of these brands have products that seem outrageously priced when compared to the spoiled Walmart Harbor Freight and Rockler items we are lucky enough to have access to......but....they are better.....way better. Now - not everyone needs or can justify/afford a $300 titanium hammer or a $1400 router......or $300 squares........ so we all have to make choices and make things work for us and our projects. Context is everything. I had a $200 Craftex and a $400 Freud router table sitting in their packages in my living room for 2 weeks before I acquired the Woodpecker.....I believe its a way better tool and will last a lifetime, hence the nod to the comparatively outrageous cost. It also removes one variable from any project, the tool.

As with most things in life - reasonable cost to get reasonably close. Way more money to get consistent and closer. The 90 percentile is usually achievable within reason - the last 10% cost 10x the original outlay - in most things - food, cars, clothes, tools, weapons, cylinder heads, etc.

I used to make my living with tools; back in the 80's I had no issue spending $60 on single Snap-On 2 ft long Phillips #2 screwdriver ..........that I still use today and is still better than anything else I've ever seen .....for it's intended purpose. Also a great coffee stir stick, lol.

I try to buy the best tool I can afford (or tell myself is worth it, lol). If I buy cheapo - it's because I'm willing to live with the compromises or to modify it to serve my purpose.
What's my time worth etc?

I couldn't fit the Woodpecker dust box under my table, so I made one from a clear plastic watertight document box and added 2 blast gates. $ 30 in materials, and an hour of work, saved me $100.....for now, as I think this will work fine. Same with the power switch (modded with a 15 ft power cable) and the $ 20 HF router speed control. They will work for their intended purposes and I saved another $100 in the right place, at the cost of another hour of my time.

If you are framing your shed, the Woodpecker is overkill.
If you are building a frame for your Mona Lisa or a display cabinet for your Faberge egg, it would be the minimum standard.
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