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Default table saw decision help!!

I recently purchased a TS2410LS and I love the saw. Most importantly I love the fence. I bought it mainly because at the time I got a great deal on it and it was the best TS for the money.
Well today I was visiting with the store manager at my local HD and he was telling me that since I just purchased it, he could work it out that I can return it and get the r4511 granite top model as an even exchange with the ultimate power deal this weekend.

Here I am with a good TS but a portable one none the less. I really like this saw but the r4511 could be one that I am using 20 years from now.
I have read reviews of the saw and I like it ALOT!! I have the room for it and that granite top sure does look pretty!

My question(s) for the group are about the top and the fence. The floor model fence looks like junk. When you slide it, it is loose as can be and does not appear to be accurate. I did not measure anything in store as I have learned from previous purchases that floor models are not the best thing to judge off of. Will my boxed version be any better or is this just a flaw in this saw? My TS2410LS fence moves perfectly on the front and rear rail in unison. That is what drew me to that saw, should the r4511 be the same?

The second question is on the granite top. For those who have had it a while, do you regret purchasing a granite top? Does it chip or crack easily? Does it have much maintenance-finishing/waxing? Does the miter guage seem like it could break the granite top if accidentaly hit the wrong way?

I need to let him know by Thursday morning, so any advice would be greatly appreciated?
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The granite is a great idea! For a jointer maybe...

With all the great uses for magnets making jigs, etc I could never go to granite for most tools, except maybe a jointer like I said.

Hey, if you never are going to utilize the properties of magnets, I say go for the granite top. It sure is pretty, smooth and flat.

Of course there are other drawbacks of granite, but not really worth mentioning as they probably will not effect a table saw top and just different than the drawbacks for cast iron. Nothing really is perfect.

For me cast iron is still the closet thing to perfect though.

It does seem this deal gives you more for the money or "bang for the buck" than what you have.

BUT: You already mentioned the fence and that is a HUGE thing. Go with your gut. Not the flash of a good deal.

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Overall, do you think it would be a durable top? No rust or warping, but it might chip. I have no experience with granite and hate to make a decision so quick, but right now i am leaning on getting the R4511. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have always found that the wisdom of this forum is priceless, and I know that collectively the "right" decision will be presented.
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Sure I do think it is a durable top.

But do not think Granite can't warp! That is a common misconception.

If it is not supported correctly it certainly can. I have removed enough Granite off jobs and have seen granite tops so cupped with no cracking it would truly amaze you. BUT on a table saw I do not think cupping would be an issue, but it can be.

If you cracked Granite with a hammer could it crack, I say yes, where a cast iron top would not show or have much damage. But who cracks their table saw with a hammer? If your saw was outside and it froze and then you brought it in and dropped some wood on it could crack it, yes, but again who in the world does that?

I think durability really is not an issue for granite used as tool tops. Is it as durable as cast iron, no, but it is a nice surface and sure is appealing. One company I am not sure who, is talking about inserting metal within the granite to make it magnetic and help it become even stronger, if that ever happened I think I might go for the Granite right away!

The rust is a huge issue and the granite definitely has a plus in that area.

Hey you can get the granite saw now and down the line get an Incra or Biesemeyer fence.

I can tell you want that Granite saw so go and get it!!! Then you can be the go to guy here for info on it.

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Saw one a week or so ago at HD, sure looked nice but I'm not sure yet. I usually don't chase technology but will wait a generation or so. I have the 3650 and love it and will keep it for the duration I am sure. The saw you have is popular with several fellas and does very well for them, but moving up for no cost now there is a dilemma. If you have to get a new fence is one made that will fit it? Things to think on and lots of advice sure can muddy the waters can't it!!??

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If you drop something on the granite, and it cracks, it's always cracked. One fellow got his miter gauge in wrong and cracked off a piece of track. Sometimes, small dings can be filled. Granite surface plates are repaired all the time, and with use, they wear.

Granite doesn't rust, but it stains. There is maintenance to granite. It requires polishing like anything else.

You can't expect a fence at the store to be installed and adjusted properly.

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I agree with Axlmyk.

There are adhesives for joining granite but how well do they work in static states?
Even if you can glue it back together how do you resurface the top to perfect flat?

How much force and at what angle does it take to crack 1 3/4" granite?
Do you want to find out?

The opportunity for something to go wrong outweighs the coolness of a granite top in my book.

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Well, as others have pointed out, there are pro's and con's to it. IMHO, I'd say, keep the one you have and simple skip the granite top.


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I love the look and feel of my kitchen. I'm such a clumsy oaf that I'd probably chip or crack it in the first week it was in the shop.
And, as Axlmyk said, there is a bit of maintenance required.
Wife seals on a 3 month schedule and waxes every week. Don't know if that would be necessary for a saw table, or not.

Gene Howe
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Everything needs maintenance though.

I can say in the hundreds of times I have pulled granite out of kitchens etc it may have been warped, but only once did I ever see a crack and only a few times a chip. And nothing that would effect the saw top. Kitchens do take abuse so I really think a chipping or cracking issue is overblown for a saw top.

I think the non magnetic issue is the biggest negative in comparing to cast iron, not really the durability. Heck I bet most of you treat your table saws like babies. I don't and would only get granite on a jointer, but not becasue of durability issues.
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