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Great design Brian. Working with 1/4" wood must be a challenge, one I haven't tried yet but I do have some boxes to make so 1/4", 3/8", and maybe 1/2" will be likely used. I had to look hard at what Herb was referring to and then I remembered my experience with an 8 sided piece I made long ago. Finding the exact angle versus what I ended up with was just slightly off. When it comes to projects I've done many over the years and a few based on Norm Abram's designs such as a few bookcases and then an entertainment center based on that bookcase design. In almost every project I can think of there is a flaw/design change that I almost always see first when I look at them because I know where to look. Others who have seen the piece many times never noticed but I'm drawn to that each time.

Each design change/flaw has been a teaching moment and I am still learning evidently......but I seldom repeat the same mistake as I have many more yet to discover. While your table hutch may not be perfect it is highly functional and the next likely will be even better. Just to mention what Tom said adding some small feet would be helpful I think.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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