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Humidity will be your major concern. A quick drop in temperature will cause the humidity to condense on cold tools, resulting in rust. A dessicant bag like comes with many purchases today, will dry the moisture inside a bag if you put both the tool and one of these into a zip lock type bag. Seal the bags and don't worry about your tools. You can easily get up to 3 gallon zip lock type bags in grocery stores. Larger are available online. I think Amazon sells the dessicant bags in quantity The tools will be fine sealed up like this with low humidity inside the bags. For large tools, a similar process, maybe using lawn/leaf bags is the way to go. I would spray cast iron tools with WD-40 before wrapping them up. Plastic sheeting and packing tape sealed seams would be the way to go here. Again use the Dessicant bags (many depending on tool size). The less garage humidity and sudden severe temperature swings, the safer your tools will be. Quick temperature drops with high humidity are what to look out for. Learn what Dew Point is and keep your tools below Dew Point and you will never see any damage. Keeping the garage closed up and running a dehumidifier 24/7 or at least setting it to run at 50% or higher to keep the garage humidity low is another method, but if you don't keep the collection bucket from over filling, the dehumidifier will turn itself off, and the garage humidity will rise and rust exposed tools. Many dehumidifiers have drains to allow a hose to be connect that runs down hill from the dehumidifier to the drain, so you won't forget this daily task.

1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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